[KFOOD] Enzyme Meal

[KFOOD] Enzyme Meal

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  • Products containing other plant enzymes that have undergone a fermentation process using microorganisms

  • Developed to replace a meal with enzyme products


There are three cases in one box. One case contains 10 30g pouches.
The total box contains 30 30 g pouches, and assuming that you eat one meal a day, it is a total of one month.


How to eat:

Take 1 pouch as a meal in the morning.
Add 1 pouch into a water, milk, or soy milk (200cc), mix it enough, and drink it slowly so that it can stay in your mouth for a time.

The temperature of the water should not be too hot, but lukewarm water or cold water is recommended.


When using this product as a meal replacement and eating it with functional foods approved for weight control, it can be used as a meal replacement for up to 9 days by increasing it by 3 days depending on your condition every 3 days.


1 pouch (30g or 1oz) = 115 kcal


There are a total of 25 raw materials used to obtain good enzymes.

Grains: coarse powder, sorghum, rice bran, barely, black rice powder.

Beans: mung bean powder, red bean, soybean, white corvania, black bean powder.

Fruits: kiwi powder, strawberry, persimmon powder, banana powder, grape.

Vegetables: spinach powder, tomato, carrot, Chinese cabbage, black garlic.

Seaweed: sea lettuce, salicornia herbacea powder, hizikia fusiforme powder, coral powder, seaweed.


8 kinds of minerals and 12 kinds of vitamins were combined to maximize the enzyme's function. 

This helps improve the body and boost metabolism.


This product was developed in 1989 as a start-up item for the company and has made a lot of progress so far.